『FEU NOS PERES』三部作 ©Mutsumi Tsuda Trilogy of short film ©Mutsumi Tsuda

「野田さんの日記」2006, 8分(仏語・日本語字幕)


撮影・編集:ジャン=ミッシェル・ボレ, 音楽:rimacona

Le carnet de M. Noda (Diary of Mr Noda)

Mr Noda started to write in his diary from his departure for Australia to the repatriate to Japan. I transrated this diary from Japanese to French and his three daughters, two granddaughters and a great- granddaughter read it attentively.

8 mins, 2006 (French with subtitle in Japanese)
Filming and editing : Jean-Michel Boré, Music : rimacona


「馬の蹄鉄」2007, 10分(仏語・日本語字幕)


撮影:ジャン=ミッシェル・ボレ, 編集:竹内 創, 音楽:rimacona

Le fer à cheval (Horseshoe)

Founded in the garden of the apartment house where Marie-José lives in Nouméa. It was a horseshoe of Gigolo which was the racehorse of her grandfather Ichimatsu Matsumoto before WWII. The conversation between Marie-José and her mother recalled the memory of the paradise lost.
10 mins, 2007 (French with subtitle in Japanese)

Filming: Jean-Michel Boré, Editing : Hajime Takeuchi, Music : rimacona


「マブイの往還」2007, 30分(日本語)


撮影:津田睦美, 編集:竹内 創, 音楽:rimacona

Mabui no Ourai(Traffic of Soul)

In Okinawa, one day I borrowed a notebook and discovered the letters transcribed in French. These letters were written by Lora in NC to her Japanese husband Denzo Higa who was interned in Australia as an enemy alien.
30 mins, 2007 (Japanese)

Filming : Mutsumi Tsuda, Editing : Hajime Takeuchi, Music : rimacona, Reading : Ito Yanagimoto